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Date Time Format("en-US"); console.log( formatter.format(date) ); // There is no easy way.If you want a reliable, cross-browser solution, you'd have to build a lookup table of date, and time format strings, by culture.Applicants are strongly recommended to come to the conservatory on the next day after arrival to St. The SET_LOCALE function takes a given datetime input and returns that datetime formatted to match a particular locale.I went with a combination of holden321 and mwrf's answers.Storing the formats external to the function because it's handier that way and storing the current locale format because it's always useful.

You can try using client VBScript (which has functions for all of these regional formatting permutations), but that's not a good idea because it's a dying (dead? You can also try using Java/Flash/Silverlight to dig up the [email protected] The Unicode CLDR project is the ultimate source of this list, and is a slightly more consumable version of it. :) Option Values and sample output weekday narrow M short Mon long Monday year 2-digit 01 numeric 2001 month 2-digit 01 numeric 1 narrow J short Jan long January day 2-digit 01 numeric 1 hour 2-digit 12 AM numeric 12 AM minute 2-digit 0 numeric 0 second 2-digit 0 numeric 0 time Zone Name short 1/1/2001 GMT long 1/1/2001 GMT This works, but unfourtunatelly it does not take care of two-letter language codes thats some browsers send (I am reffering to firefox giving me e.g. I guess I will just add the two-letter codes for the languages I want to support, but the really cool solution would be to find and default to some Language Culture Name from the two-lettered code. Cross-browser Java Script has no way to use the actual short date format selected by the user on platforms that offer such regional customization.Besides, Java Script has huge holes where any sort of formatting is concerned. You can go to great lengths to obtain the language setting, and get the format for that locale.In case your preliminary presentation (a video-recording of your performance) is approved, and the documents are accepted, you will be informed about the date when your official invitation is ready. To get the invitation you may order a delivery service company (DHL, Fed Ex, TNT, etc).You should order and pay the delivery at the local delivery company office. Petersburg 190000 Russia Please send us your current address and the tracking number of your letter. Upon receiving the invitation, apply to the Russian consulate in your home country for your visa. Buy a ticket and inform International Students Office about the date of your arrival. Please note that your first visa is a one-entry visa and is valid for three months.

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