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One caller, Carly, revealed a Tinder conversation she had with Matty, where he compliments her on her "amazing p-ssy."Cam laughed, saying, "I’m not privy to the beautiful p-ssy side of Matty and I’m quite happy about that."Adding, "I’m not exactly happy that someone has come forward and said that because that was obviously said in private and she’s broken his trust a lot by doing that. I guess it’s one of the drawbacks of the life that he does have now. I don’t think that he has a wild, crazy sex past, I think that he has a normal past like any of the guys in Australia right now have."Now, life after Carly couldn’t be more exciting for the handsome Mr Johnson, who’s busy dating his way to The One.

Similarly, images of nonwhite women were used more on sites that focused on race and ethnicity“It’s not good enough for companies to just say, ‘Hey, let’s put some diverse models in our projects,’” Ms.

At Getty, global searches for “woman protest” quadrupled in the last year. Social media has pushed marketers to show people in more realistic and diverse ways, Ms. Aiello, who along with researchers at the Digital Methods Initiative in Amsterdam studied how the Lean In photos were used.

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It could also be sending another message about this political moment: that women feel they’re fighting on their own, said Giorgia Aiello, an associate professor of media and communication at the University of Leeds in Britain.

“It’s focused on the individual rather than the person as part of a collective, which would be key to a certain definition of feminism,” she said.

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