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not things like: has great turnout, flexible, nice legs -- Those are the things you look for when you're auditioning someone for a ballet company, not for a date!!!In my experience, someone with a physically active hobby (dance, martial arts, running, tennis, for example) does well with a boyfriend or girlfriend who also has a hobby requiring exercise.If you are into lesbian action or some kinky fetish, you do not need to hesitate because you will still find here what you are looking for.There is plenty of wet pussy for everyone and you can pick and choose.If they are in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Dahab, Marsa Alam, or Ras Suder, they most probably would be spending their mornings on the beach .However, the question that most tourists ask is "what is there to do in Egypt at night?Kinda creepy when you consider that a lot of young teens frequent DDN. Totally guilty of wondering whether the occasional male ballet drop-in dancer (in the open division) is dateable.It would be really cool to date someone who likes to take classes together As mom says, "it doesn't work that way" but one can always dream, right?

I know it's your inclination to stick only to someone who is already a dancer, but there's really no need for it.

By the way I dont like dating sites, nothing better than meet someone in person, well this my opinion. Good luck in your search There's something to be said for "opposites attract." Plus, it's good to have interests outside of dance, too.

I'd suggest looking for the qualities you like in a person: smart, pretty, kind, loyal, funny, etc...

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